Big Red

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Big Red comes in an old-fashioned 12 fl oz (355 mL) glass bottle. Both the bottle's cap and neck say, "Big Red".

The bright red, transparent liquid gives a sharp hiss upon opening, and a lively crackle to the pour. As a small layer of bubbles quickly dissipate and line the glass, the scent is of bubble gum. Take a sip and find carbonation that dances in the mouth, along with a touch of acidity, light viscosity, and moderate mouthfeel. The taste is of bubble gum, with a forward, sweet, fruity gum flavor that is met with a light bit of acidity. This is a smooth beverage with a slight slick layer remaining, perfect for those who like an adventurous soda.

In summary, Big Red:

  • smells of bubblegum
  • has carbonation with acidity, light viscosity and a moderate mouthfeel
  • tastes of a fruity bubble gum flavor met with light acidity

It pairs well with snacks such as pretzels or chips, so try Big Red today!

Big Red is bottled under the authority of Big Red, Inc., Waco, Texas 76702.